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Entry #2


2009-06-21 11:32:41 by Super-Mannequin

V I have a new stalker! V


i wuz browsing through here, & i stumbled upon your lil' site. U give me the impression that you're a rather noticeable person, but I'm quite inexperienced at how things work here, and dont really know what's going on around here. Don't they have a chatting program here?? I hate writing messages 2 ppl, and sometimes never getting a responce. Well, if u are interested in talking with me, u could catch me over at 15 , my name over there is Dawne1115.

So, ya, maybe we'll talk. always looking to meet more ppl.
Katherine Turner

Leticia35pc sent that to me...
WTF! LOL LOL ummm hi person I do not know LOL LOL...Scary! D:


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2009-06-21 19:38:40

It's true, i got like 5 of these messeges, then thier accounts were deleted!